Project Management in SMEs

Due to the dynamic nature of industry, SMEs can be described in a number of ways. A organization is classified as a small or medium business depending on the overall number of employees, total revenue, and balance sheet. A corporation is called a small enterprise if it has 50 staff, a yearly turnover of approximately £5.6 million, and an annual balance sheet of approximately £2.8 million.
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Project Management Tree Swing Analogy

The tree swing analogy first came in the 1970s and many variants came later on different subjects, such as software and management. It depicts the difference of how each department interprets and implement a requirement in the development of a tree swing. The variation of the cartoon on perception gaps in software development projects first came out in 2003. Then it became popular among the management to address issues when projects did not go the right way.
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5 Tips to Simplify Project Management Software

5 Tips to Simplify Project Management SoftwareProject management is one of the most challenging professions and tasks across various industries, and the mandatory change to the workforce du...
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Gantt Chart: 4 Types of Task Dependencies in Project Management

A Gantt Chart is a scheduling tool used in project management to show what has to be done and when. It visualizes task relationships and converts it into a diagram.
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Kanban Practices

Is Kanban a board? Why are there Scrum board and Kanban Board? How to implement the Kanban in your team? Read the following to find the answer.
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Agile Project & Test Management Tool – ZenTao

Agile is the buzz we hear all around. It is a new proven way to manage your project and related activities. Sounds interesting is it?. Agile introduced enormous possibilities and new improved way of p...
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