5 Tips to Simplify Project Management Software

5 Tips to Simplify Project Management SoftwareProject management is one of the most challenging professions and tasks across various industries, and the mandatory change to the workforce du...
2020/12/28   Zdoo Official   14

Gantt Chart: 4 Types of Task Dependencies in Project Management

A Gantt Chart is a scheduling tool used in project management to show what has to be done and when. It visualizes task relationships and converts it into a diagram.
2020/08/27   Renee Fey   411

Kanban Practices

Is Kanban a board? Why are there Scrum board and Kanban Board? How to implement the Kanban in your team? Read the following to find the answer.
2020/08/18   Mirai Michi   302

Agile Project & Test Management Tool – ZenTao

Agile is the buzz we hear all around. It is a new proven way to manage your project and related activities. Sounds interesting is it?. Agile introduced enormous possibilities and new improved way of p...
2019/10/22   Suyash Sharma   766