2016-09-06 15:40:35    tengfei    2459

Administration will only show to a super admin in Zdoo, which means that only super administrator can fo administration settings.

1. Company settings

Go to "Admin"->"Company", you can add your company name and introduction here.

2.  Organization settings

Go to "Admin"->"User", and you can add your staff/departments/roles here.

3. Privileges

Go to "Admin"->"Privilege", and you can assign privileges by groups. You can create a group and assign privileges if the default groups in Zdoo as labeled 1-5 do not meet your requirement.

4. Applications

Go to "Admin"->"App". Click "Create" to integrate the application your company has already used into Zdoo.

5. System

You will set Email, manage Recycle, Cron and Backup here.

6. Extensions