Technical Support

2016-08-31 09:28:41    tengfei    2865

1. Required reading before asking questions

In order to get technical support faster and better, please read the following instructions.

2. “Don'ts” when asking questions

  • Please do not ask questions with a strong subjectivity. For example, do not use words or sentences such as "too difficult to use", "too troublesome", "strongly recommended" or "urgently";
  • Please do not ask the same question twice. If you have submitted your questions on our website, please do not ask it again via email or vice versa.
  • Please do not ask pointless questions, such as "Is anyone here?" or "I’m a rookie".

3. “Dos” when asking questions

  • Make sure to read the PPTs, as most of the questions can be found there.
  • Make sure to upload screenshots. Do not guess what the problem is and make sure to upload screenshots of your problems;
  • Make sure to find the logs. Please provide the latest logs which start with "php" in the directory zentao/tmp/log.

4 Technical support

Technical support currently is done via emails and Skype. Send an email to renee@ or