Create Task

2019-08-12 13:52:04    Renee    373

1. Create a task

After a project is created, you can add tasks to it now. Select a project, and click "Enter".

Click "Add" to create a task or batch create tasks for the project.

Enter the required information and click Save.


  • The field with a " * " is a required information for a task.
  • You can assign a task to others when creating tasks. If check Multiple boxes, you can assign the task to a team.

When one user finished tasks which belong to the Team task, click "Assign", others can continue this project by working on other tasks.

2. Create a child task

Click "Child" at the end of a task in the task list to add child tasks. Please note that Multiple tasks cannot have child tasks.

A window will pop out. Fill in the required information of child tasks and click "Save".

If child tasks are created, you will see them in a task list. You can tell that by seeing a "+"/"-" in the same row as the parent task and you can click it to show/hide child tasks.

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