2019-08-12 14:46:59    Renee    375

Zdoo 4.0+ has separate Document as a module, so it would be more convenient for users to manage documents in Zdoo.

Document library is a library to store your documents. In Zdoo, two types of document libraries are built in, namely project document library and customized document library. 

1. Document Home

On the page of Document Home, all document libraries are displayed. 

2. Project Document Library

After a project is created, Zdoo will automatically generate two document libraries for the project, namely Main Library and File Library. Note: File library is to store all the uploaded files. In a file library, all the document will be marked with the linked task, and number. Click the number, you will be directed to the page of the linked task or document details.

3. Custom Library

You can create a customized library according to your requirements. Click Create Library and select Custom.

Click Save and you will see the custom library.