One-click Installation Package for Linux

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One-click Installation Package for Linux has Apache, Php, and MySQL built in. All you need to do is to download the right .zip file and run it. There are 32-bit and 64-bit packages for Linux. Please download the installation package that fits your operating system.

1. Install Zdoo

1.1 Unzip the installation package to /opt. 

Do NOT unzip it to other directory and copy it to /opt/, because the owner and read/write permission of the files might be changed. Use sudo  tar zxvf  RanZhi.3.2.1.zbox_32.tar.gz -C /opt.

Note: Do NOT unzip the file and then copy it to /opt/, for it might either cause the file owner or read/write permission of the files change. Neither do you grant the 777 to the whole directory.

1.2 Common command lines in Apache and MySQL

Execute /opt/lampp/lampp start to start Apache and My SQL.

Execute /opt/lampp/lampp  stop to stop Apache and My SQL.

Execute /opt/lampp/lampp  restart to restart Apache and My SQL.

Execute /opt/zbox/zbox -h to get help about zbox. 

Execute -ap to change the port for Apache and -mp to change the port for My SQL, e.g. /opt/zbox/zbox -ap 8080.

1.3 Visit Zdoo

Visit Zdoo at http:// ZDOO SERVER IP: APACHE PORT NUMBER in your browser. The Administrator username is admin and the password is 123456 in Zdoo.

Note:  If you cannot access the page, close the firewall and selinux in the machine you install Zdoo, and then refresh the page.

2. Visit Zdoo database

2.1 Visit Zdoo database in the browser.

The database is managed via Adminer. For security reasons, your identity verification is required when visiting Zdoo as an Administrator. Execute /opt/zbox/auth/ to add the user(first cd /opt/zbox/auth/ and then execute ./

Two layers of verification are required when you click MySQL in your browser. 

Layer 1: The pop-out window requires you to verify the account and its password generated by

The data in the screenshot is root and 123456, which can be set as you like.

Layer 2: Login page in the browser. 

Import the data.

2.2 Connect to MySQL using command lines

Login MySQL:  /opt/zbox/bin/mysql -u root -P MYSQL PORT -p e.g. /opt/zbox/bin/mysql -u root -P 3306 -p

Import MySQL:  /opt/zbox/bin/mysql -u root -P MYSQL PORT -p DATABASE NAME TO BE IMPORTED  < XXXX.sql e.g. /opt/zbox/bin/mysql -u root -P 3306 -p ranzhi < ranzhi.sql

3. Disabled PHP Parsing

If you want integrate third-party software, such as Zsite CMS and ZenTao ALM, you have to make some changes in  /opt/zbox/etc/apache /httpd.conf 

Go to /opt/zbox/etc/apache /httpd.conf, and set  SetHandler text/plain to SetHandler application/x-httpd-php. Then restart the service.

If any questions, feel free to contact or