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1 About Zdoo
1.1  About Zdoo
1.2  Zdoo Features
1.3  Technical Support
1.4  Zdoo License
2 Install and Upgrade
2.1  ZDOO Installation (for all systems)
2.2  One-click Installation Package for Windows (Recommended)
2.3  One-click Installation Package for Linux
2.4  Upgrade Zdoo
2.5  Zdoo Cloud
2.6  Remove ranzhi from the address
2.7  Data Backup
2.8  Install Ioncube
2.9  Install php-zip
3.1  Basic Workflow
3.2  Add Product
3.3  Add Customer
3.4  Create Order
3.5  Sign Contract
3.6  Manage Contacts
3.7  Manage Lists
3.8  Manage Supplier
3.9  CRM Settings
3.10  CRM Reports
4 OA
4.1  Todo
4.2  Review
4.3  Announcement
4.4  Attendance
4.5  Leave
4.6  Makeup
4.7  Overtime
4.8  Business Trip
4.9  Reimbursement
4.10  Lieu
4.11  Egress
4.12  Holiday
4.13  Settings
5 Cashflow(Cash)
5.1  Introduction
5.2  Basic Settings
5.3  Add Bank Account
5.4  Manage Account
5.5  Keep Account
5.6  Batch keep accounts and import
5.7  Reconciliation
5.8  Report
6 Project (Proj)
6.1  Project Workflow
6.2  Create Project
6.3  Create Task
6.4  Actions in a project
6.5  Action Views
6.6  Actions in a task
7 Document(Doc)
7.1  Introduction
7.2  Create Document Library
7.3  Create Document
8.1  Introduction
8.2  Settings
8.3  Modules
9 Administration
9.1  Settings
9.2  User
9.3  Privileges
9.4  Apps
9.5  Email settings
10 Integration
10.1  Introduction
10.2  Integrate ZenTao
11 Customization
11.1  Get Ready
11.2  Zdoo Directory
11.3  Find the Code
11.4  Database Structure


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Zdoo 2.6+ has reimbursement management. You can choose to switch on/ off reimbursement module by clicking "OA"->"Settings", if you have installed Zdoo 3.2+. Once reimbursement is approved, you can also relate it to CASH in Zdoo.

1. Reimbursement settings

You should set a reviewer before your start using reimbursement module. Go to "OA"->"Reimbursement"->"Settings". You can set the first reviewer and the second reviewer. Reimbursement request will go to the second reviewer only when the first reviewer has approved the request.

Then you should set categories for reimbursement management. In order to relate reimbursement to accounting, expenditure categories have been synchronized into reimbursement categories. You can check those categories that can be reimbursed in your company and click "Save".  All the categories set here will be synchronized to the expense  categories in CASH->Settings.

You can also set Bank Account and Reimbursed-by in settings.

2. My reimbursement

Click "OA"->"Reimbursemenet"->"My Reimbursement", and click "Create" to start reimbursement request. Fill in the required fields and click "Save". You can also add details of the amount that you apply for the reimbursement.

Once a reimbursement request is submitted, you can see it in the reimbursement list. You can also edit/cancel/delete pending reimbursement.

3. Review Wait

On "Review Wait" page, only users who has the review permissions can see the list of reimbursement requests. Click the request you want to review, and click the "Review" button at the end of the same row. 

A window will pop out and you can either check "Pass" or "Reject".

4. Reimbursement Wait

On "Reimbursement Wait" page, the reviewed and approved requests will show in a list. You can see the details and start reimbursement.

Click "Reimburse", a notice will show and ask whether you would like to Create Trade and record this reimbursement to CASH->Account. If not, click "No".

If yes, you have to choose the account you want this reimbursement to be added to.

Then you will see the record in the CASH->All.

5. All reimbursements

On "All Reimbursement" page, all the reimbursement request will be listed here, including those pending for review, reviewed and reimbursed.

6. My Review

On 'My Review' page, listed all the requests reviewed by the reviewer.

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