Zdoo ManualBook Info
1 About Zdoo
1.1  About Zdoo
1.2  Zdoo Features
1.3  Technical Support
1.4  Zdoo License
2 Install and Upgrade
2.1  ZDOO Installation (for all systems)
2.2  One-click Installation Package for Windows (Recommended)
2.3  One-click Installation Package for Linux
2.4  Upgrade Zdoo
2.5  Zdoo Cloud
2.6  Remove ranzhi from the address
2.7  Data Backup
2.8  Install Ioncube
2.9  Install php-zip
3.1  Basic Workflow
3.2  Add Product
3.3  Add Customer
3.4  Create Order
3.5  Sign Contract
3.6  Manage Contacts
3.7  Manage Lists
3.8  Manage Supplier
3.9  CRM Settings
3.10  CRM Reports
4 OA
4.1  Todo
4.2  Review
4.3  Announcement
4.4  Attendance
4.5  Leave
4.6  Makeup
4.7  Overtime
4.8  Business Trip
4.9  Reimbursement
4.10  Lieu
4.11  Egress
4.12  Holiday
4.13  Settings
5 Cashflow(Cash)
5.1  Introduction
5.2  Basic Settings
5.3  Add Bank Account
5.4  Manage Account
5.5  Keep Account
5.6  Batch keep accounts and import
5.7  Reconciliation
5.8  Report
6 Project (Proj)
6.1  Project Workflow
6.2  Create Project
6.3  Create Task
6.4  Actions in a project
6.5  Action Views
6.6  Actions in a task
7 Document(Doc)
7.1  Introduction
7.2  Create Document Library
7.3  Create Document
8.1  Introduction
8.2  Settings
8.3  Modules
9 Administration
9.1  Settings
9.2  User
9.3  Privileges
9.4  Apps
9.5  Email settings
10 Integration
10.1  Introduction
10.2  Integrate ZenTao
11 Customization
11.1  Get Ready
11.2  Zdoo Directory
11.3  Find the Code
11.4  Database Structure


2016-09-02 09:02:37
Last edited by Renee on 2019-08-12 14:38:15

On Zdoo OA (Office Automation) page, click "Todo" on the navigation bar, and you will see the page below. Click on the date that you want to add a todo, or drag your todos, tasks, orders, and customers that need to follow up from the right column of the page to the calendar. If you want to delete a todo, just drag it to the trashcan.

You can also click "+" to add a todo. If you check "Pending" box, this todo will show under "todos" at the right column of the page. If not, you can set the time frame in "start" and "finish". You can also set type and priority when creating a todo.

When you finish one todo, click it on the calendar, and change the status into "Done".

Then the todo will turn green on the calendar.

If you want to assign a todo to others, go to "Todo" and click the one you want to assign to others. A window will pop out. 

Another window will show, and you can choose the assignee from the drop-down menu and set a time frame for this assignment.

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