Zdoo email notification setup

tengfei 2019-01-09 10:01:55
I asked one of my employees if she was receiving notifications and she said no. When she made updates I did not receive any notifications either and I have setup everything correctly. What should I do?
tengfei 2019-01-09 10:03:37
Email notification in Zdoo will only be sent out when a user

  • Assign in CRM->Order

  • Assign in CRM->List

  • Create, Edit, Assign in Project->Task

  • Create, Assign in Dashboard->Todo

  • Review, Make Up, in OA->Attendance

  • Review, Create, Cancel in OA->Leave

  • Review, Create, Cancel in OA->Overtime/Leave in Lieu/Make Up

  • Create, Apply, Bookkeeping, Cancel in OA->Reimburse

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